Mindset Maximizing Methods for More Money with Paula Burlison

Your mindset is the garden from which your business grows. In this podcast, Paula Burlison reveals that success in an unstable market starts with your mind. Discover what mental garbage you need to throw out to really achieve your goals.

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• 03:24 – Who is Paula Burlison?
• 07:55 – Why does Paula stay in the business?
• 14:16 – What’s the difference between calling people I don’t know vs. I do know?
• 17:19 – What’s a good order to call my leads in?
• 19:54 – What are some effective ways to prospect just listed/just solds?
• 23:48 – Paula’s just listed/just sold script.
• 25:53 – Does calling expireds require a different mindset?
• 27:50 – What does Paula’s lead stack schedule look like?
• 33:05 – Why is a healthy mindset so important and how can I grow one?
• 37:50 – What should I say on a follow-up call?
• 43:46 – Is texting, calling, or mailing better for follow up?
• 47:28 – How does Paula work with FRBOs and investors?
• 52:06 – Vacant rental property script roleplay.


• 33:52 – “Your mindset is the garden that your business grows from. And whatever you think about is what’s going to happen.”

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Key Takeaways

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