The REDX Podcast with Tamela Staubs

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• 00:53 – Who is Tamela?
• 02:20 – How can I get started as a new agent in a new area?
• 05:18 – How has Tamela adapted to new technology in real estate?
• 08:14 – What benefits can I offer FSBO’s to win them over?
• 10:13 – How can I overcome FSBO objections?
• 13:36 – How can I optimize my follow-up strategies?
• 16:29 – How do I overcome follow-up hesitancy?
• 22:05 – What are common FSBO objections?
• 24:19 – Why REDX?
• 32:40 – What leads are in Tamela’s lead stack?
• 39:04 – FSBO Roleplay


• 04:19 – “Get engaged! Become part of your community.”

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About REDX

REDX offers real estate professionals a complete all-in-one prospecting platform for generating listing appointments. The platform includes seller leads, a dialer, and a lead management tool that makes follow up simple. Call (800) 731-7339 option 1 to learn more about prospecting FSBOs, Expireds, FRBOs, Pre Foreclosures, GeoLeads™, and our Storm® Dialer or visit www.theredx.com.