Business-Booming Blueprint for New Agents with Trudy Padilla

Trudy’s success strategy comes down to this simple principle: bring value and build relationships. Whether you’re a new agent or not, you’ll discover how to set yourself apart from the competition to increase your commissions.

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• 00:51 – Who is Trudy Padilla?
• 03:00 – What was Trudy’s transition into real estate like?
• 04:46 – How can new agents ensure success?
• 06:57 – How can I diversify my business at the start of my real estate career?
• 11:21 – What can I do to stay top of mind for my SOI?
• 15:00 – How can I improve my follow-up calls?
• 16:50 – How can I set realistic goals?
• 20:52 – How can I use data to organize my lead stack?
• 26:46 – Why is it important to have a team or mentor early on?
• 28:04 – How can I use my interests to expand my SOI?
• 32:31 – How has COVID-19 affected Trudy’s business?
• 36:13 – How can I effectively use Just Listed / Just Sold prospecting during the pandemic?


• 04:53 – “I say, ‘yes’ to everything.”
• 09:24 – “Gravitate towards the things that bring you joy, because then this is fun!”
• 21:52 – “I track my numbers! Know YOUR numbers.”
• 39:54 – “It is so easy to kill it as an agent… all you have to be is reliable.”

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Key Takeaways

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