Jason Morris's 22 Ways Not Mess Up FSBOs

In this interview you’ll learn how FSBO Master Jason Morris gets For Sale By Owner listings. You’ll get the strategies, tools, and concepts he has used to sell more than 2,000 homes in his career. You’ll also learn about the risks and how to avoid them! As the leader of one of the top 15 real estate teams in North America, he knows how to get results.

Warning: Uncensored

In order to help you understand all your options to increase your success, we interview experienced prospectors. That means, although some approaches mentioned may be more effective than others, they may also be more risky. So rather than censor this interview, we let you decide what is best for you and don’t endorse any particular approach.

Jump to topics: Read the topics below and scroll the video to the time listed.

• 4:21 – FSBOs don’t think they need you, but they do
• 7:25 – Risks you face working exclusively with buyers
• 9:20 – Exercises that build your prospecting “muscle”
• 10:28 – The key to listing FSBOs — discover their motivations
• 12:15 – How listing agents ought to structure their business
• 14:30 – The most important goals you should set
• 15:00 – Your daily schedule NEEDS to include this
• 17:10 – The “funnel of calling” and how you make one
• 18:25 – The 4 Parts to a perfect Pre-Listing Package
• 23:25 – A clever trick to calling leads when you feel like it
• 26:55 – Say “this” and not “that” when overcoming objections
• 29:20 – The “Evil Knievel” mindset to “launching” over fears
• 31:55 – Why you should stick to one script
• 34:10 –  Get listing appointments on the 1st call
• 36:39 –  Follow-up is how you get FSBO listings
• 40:50 – The worst thing you can say to FSBOs
• 43:35 – Handling objections vs. conditions
• 52:36 – What a great listing presentation sounds like
• 58:40 –  What is “The Active Pricing Strategy”
• 1:05:10 – The “30 minute listing” goal
• 1:09:25 – Tools and resources for FSBO prospectors
• 1:17:20 – Winning against power players

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