John Sullivan And His 9 Tested Ways to Boost Your Farming Results

Master implementer John Sullivan prospected his way to selling 44 homes in his first year! In this interview, John will lead you through the principles he followed and the decisions he made that built his prospecting system. Additionally, he reveals his tactics, daily schedule, and scripts that bring him sustaining success.

Warning: Uncensored

In order to help you understand all your options to increase your success, we interview experienced prospectors. That means, although some approaches mentioned may be more effective than others, they may also be more risky. So rather than censor this interview, we let you decide what is best for you and don’t endorse any particular approach.

Jump to topics: Read the topics below and scroll the video to the time listed.

• 3:07 – A misconception: Successful prospectors don’t face rejection
• 4:47 – Do this when too many agents are calling expireds in your market
• 5:56 – Generate predictable results by following a consistent schedule
• 8:03 –  What leads should you call and what order should you call them
• 12:05 – John’s #1 prospecting tool
• 15:25 – The distraction reduction checklist
• 17:10 – Advice to keep going after facing rejection
• 20:00 – Why your phone voice matters (and how to find it)
• 21: 50 – Metrics to measure your success
• 23:54 – Why you should record your calls
• 26:05 – How to find a coach or mentor (even if you don’t have money)
• 29:00 – Who to follow up with and how many times should you try calling
• 33:01 – Role playing and scripts create predictable results
• 39:30 – What to do when you’re not making any connections
• 40:24 – John’s advice for struggling prospectors
• 41:40 – Prospecting to your sphere of influence
• 43:10 – How GeoLeads® uncomplicates prospecting

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