Josh Roy's Recovery Plan For A Rough Market

What would happen to your income if the market took a deep dive? Josh Roy’s “disaster prep” and recovery plan will help you stay ahead of an unstable market. Listen along while Josh explains why (and how) to make FSBOs your favorite lead source when times turn turbulent.

Warning: Uncensored

In order to help you understand all your options to increase your success, we interview experienced prospectors. That means, although some approaches mentioned may be more effective than others, they may also be more risky. So rather than censor this interview, we let you decide what is best for you and don’t endorse any particular approach.

Jump to topics: Read the topics below and scroll the video to the time listed.

• 00:02:20 – Staying ahead in an unstable market
• 00:04:28 – For-sale-by-owner: Josh’s favorite lead type
• 00:08:26 – The importance of annual goals
• 00:13:38 – Aligning your daily routine with your goals
• 00:18:23 – Staying productive with the right lead stack
• 00:22:58 – The starting line for new agents
• 00:27:03 – A coach’s push in the right direction
• 00:30:23 – Why FSBOs?
• 00:35:43 – For-Sale-By-Owner misconceptions
• 00:39:00 – Effective FSBO strategies and systems
• 00:45:33 – Low-friction FSBO roleplay call
• 00:49:33 – Working with frustrated sellers
• 00:54:23 – How to handle, “Do you have a buyer for my home?”
• 00:54:49 – How to handle, “What’s your commission?”
• 00:55:30 – How to handle, “I don’t wanna work with an agent.”
• 00:58:00 – Keeping your energy up (on a bad day)
• 01:02:23 – FSBO advice for agents – just do it!
• 01:05:23 – Follow up strategies
• 01:09:53 – Let sellers know what they’re missing out on
• 01:012:50 – Why REDX?

About REDX:

REDX offers real estate professionals a complete all-in-one prospecting platform for generating listing appointments. The platform includes seller leads, a dialer, and a lead management tool that makes follow up simple. Call (800) 731-7339 option 1 to learn more about prospecting FSBOs, Expireds, FRBOs, Pre Foreclosures, GeoLeads™, and our Storm® Dialer or visit www.theredx.com.