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Zach Zaleski's Formula To Listing Multiple Homes From One Lead

What sets prospector, Zach Zaleski, apart from the rest? The obvious answer is his $18 million in annual sales volume and his $430k in annual GCI. But what you wouldn’t expect is that 30% of his sales come from FRBO (For-Rent-By-Owner) leads. Never heard of FRBOs? No problem. In this interview, Zach explains (among many things) how to take multiple listings from a single FRBO lead.

Warning: Uncensored

In order to help you understand all your options to increase your success, we interview experienced prospectors. That means, although some approaches mentioned may be more effective than others, they may also be more risky. So rather than censor this interview, we let you decide what is best for you and don’t endorse any particular approach.

Jump to topics: Read the topics below and scroll the video to the time listed.

• 4:05 – Zach’s well-structured office
• 6:25 – Why FRBO leads create sustained business
• 10:35 – What sets vacant rental leads apart from others
• 16:10 – Zach’s “high-volume” prospecting schedule
• 19:05 – Pain vs. profit: how to overcome call reluctance
• 23:50 – Be the first agent homeowners talk to
• 25:35 – Zach’s morning routine
• 30:40 – The schedule of Zach’s ISA (Inside Sales Agent)
• 33:50 – How to talk to FRBOs
• 38:00 – Zach’s daily lead stack
• 43:20 – Door knocking for fresh leads
• 49:05 – Why Zach choses FRBOs
• 51:25 – Handling FRBOs in a busy rental market
• 54:15 – How to figure out a FRBO’s selling motivation
• 59:10 – Three common types of FRBOs and what to say to them
• 1:01:16 – How to handle FRBO objections
• 1:04:35 – Zach’s “3×3 & 8×8” contact system
• 1:07:10 – Tracking and organizing your leads
• 1:15:40 – Learning the language of active investors
• 1:21:55 – FRBOs who want to liquidate and cash-out
• 1:35:05 – Prospecting with an open mind

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