Expired Leads

Get the most accurate phone numbers (cells included) for new and past expired listings.

Expired Leads

Get the most accurate phone numbers (cells included) for new and past expired listings.

Fastest Way To Get New Listings

These homeowners tried to sell, but their listing expired, unsold, and now they’re likely to relist with another agent. We will find the most accurate contact information for each expired listing in your MLS so you can prospect the leads and set listing appointments with them.

How Prospecting Expireds Works

First, Vortex Finds Phone Numbers For All Expired Listings In Your MLS

When you login, you’ll see your leads organized – ready for you to call. Every day, the work of looking up hard-to-find numbers, scrubbing them against the DNC list, and checking if the property has been relisted, is done for you.

Then, You Call The Leads

80% of prospecting success is just showing up and making the calls. As long as you have good data, setting listing appointments is a function of time – consistently invest time prospecting and you will set listing appointments. Expireds may be the most difficult lead to prospect, but they definitely come with the biggest reward.

Practice Makes Perfect

The other 20% is knowing what to say to set the listing appointment. There are proven ways to transform expired listings into your listings. However, memorizing and internalizing them takes time and practice. That’s why we offer free roleplaying and script practice for all of our customers and consistently host live prospecting so you can see other prospectors in action.

Part Time Agent Finally Quits Job — Now Makes $250,000 Prospecting Expired Leads

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