Power Dialer

Connect with twice as many sellers to make the hours you spend prospecting count.

Power Dialer

Connect with twice as many sellers to make the hours you spend prospecting count.

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Power Dialer

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Power Dialer


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Double Your Chance of Success

According to Prospecting Today, agents who use a dialer are twice as likely to earn $80,000/yr or more compared to agents who don’t. Knowing that, can you afford not to have a dialer?

Why Power Dial?

Dialing By Hand Is Costing You Money

Prospecting is a numbers game. The more sellers you reach, the more listings you’ll take. Time spent hand-dialing numbers, leaving voicemails, and regaining momentum after a rough call is time wasted. REDX’s Power Dialer (formerly known as ‘Storm Dialer’) connects you to more contacts per hour so your time can be spent setting listing appointments.

Prospecting Is Harder Without A Power Dialer

Power Dialer (formerly known as ‘Storm Dialer’) dials up to three numbers at a time so you can start having conversations sooner. Don’t let tough conversations get you down. The Power Dialer speeds you through the difficult points of prospecting so you can focus on profitable conversations and connections.

Power Dialer Connects Faster Than Any Other Sales Dialer

Hear “hello” more often and avoid awkward starts with the fastest real estate dialer. Power Dialer (formerly known as ‘Storm Dialer’) starts with a live connection just like a real phone call, and leaves voicemails for you when the homeowners don’t pick up.

Prospector Discovers Power Dialer, Earns $522,000 Listing Homes

How Paula Burlison sped up her business and set more listing appointments while prospecting less. After a successful career in real estate, she found a way to cut her prospecting time in half while improving her results.

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*Upgrade to a multi-line dialer for an additional $50/month

*REDX provides real estate agents with data and telephone numbers and is an authorized reseller of WAVV, LLC. Agents should understand and comply with federal and state telecom laws. Agents are responsible for their own compliance and adherence to these laws. Learn more here.

*Multiline dialers are designed to be used with lists that have given appropriate consent and with whom you have an established business relationship eg. Your sphere or circle of influence or leads that have given you prior written consent. To learn more, click here.