Stability & Opportunity Podcast with Kathrin Rein

Stay Top of Mind in a Virtual World with Kathrin Rein

Get in front of hot leads! In this episode, agent Kathrin Rein uncovers how she does 50 virtual open houses a week and how she consistently contacts her “VIP” database to stay top of mind. Discover her newsletter template, and learn how to conduct an effective virtual open house.

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Jump to topics: Read the topics below and scroll the video to the time listed.

• 00:55 – Who is Kathrin Rein?
• 03:04 – How (and why) is Kathrin doing virtual open houses?
• 05:26 – What should I include in virtual open house videos?
• 08:10 – What tools should I use to make open house videos?
• 10:44 – How does Kathrin’s team help produce open house videos?
• 12:47 – What are the advantages of “hot” leads for a single agent?
• 14:52 – What has changed for Kathrin since COVID?
• 17:37 – What kind of video content should I make if I don’t have any listings?
• 18:32 – Do I have to be tech savvy to make videos?
• 20:42 – How has the market changed since COVID?
• 22:30 – How can I build and maintain relationships with my clients?
• 26:54 – How should I segment and manage my database?=
• 29:15 – How can I connect the community?
• 31:59 – With such a large database, is Kathrin still prospecting?
• 35:51 – Without someone seeing a home, what does the pre-qualification process look like?
• 40:14 – What platforms should I be posting virtual open houses on?
• 41:05 – What should I do if I have a HUGE database?
• 42:03 – Where should a brand new agent focus once they go through friends and family?
• 44:13 – What should I put in a newsletter?
• 46:07 – How is Kathrin setting proper expectations with potential buyers?
• 48:22 – How do I create a VIP list and how should I target them?
• 51:45 – Where can I find the most opportunity moving forward?


• 16:55 – “Any crisis is a huge opportunity to grow and show that you’re different.”
• 34:07 – “I’ll just make (virtual meetings) the new norm because it saves me so much time and I feel more confident in my own office.”
• 53:57 – “Talk to small businesses. See if you can promote them in any way… to help them out and rebuild their business.”

Resources Mentioned

Kathrin’s Virtual Open House Tools
Kathrin’s YouTube Channel

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