Stability & Opportunity Podcast with Kim Ades

Challenge Your Thinking to Unlock Opportunity with Kim Ades

If you don’t think you can do this, re-evaluate your thinking. In this podcast with Kim Ades, she breaks down how your beliefs fuel your habits, and how if those beliefs are negative, you’ll close the door to opportunity.

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Jump to topics: Read the topics below and scroll the video to the time listed.

• 00:35 – Who is Kim Ades?
• 03:00 – Does your thinking actually align with your goals?
• 04:55 – Where did Kim start?
• 09:23 – If you know what you should be doing, what’s actually getting in your way?
12:05 – What is emotional resilience and how can I build it?
• 15:45 – What are the key thinking strategies of extraordinary leaders?
• 21:13 – How can I recognize when I have a false belief?
• 23:03 – What are some traits and habits of top performers?
• 25:00 – How can I be more resourceful?
• 30:07 – How can I shift my beliefs about what’s possible vs. impossible?
• 34:37 – How can I shift my beliefs about money?
• 39:00 – What’s a healthy money mindset?
• 40:54 – Should I focus on my “whys” or my “why nots”?
• 42:26 – Are my “why nots” holding me hostage?
• 45:30 – How can I let go of difficulties?
• 50:03 – What do I believe to be true, and how is it holding me back?


• 02:40 – ” If you always think what you’ve always thought, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.”
• 07:17 – “Bad stuff happens. We all fall. The question is, how long do we stay down? And when we get up, what do we do with the experience we just had?”
• 10:13 – “Rather than creating a structure of accountability, let’s create a structure of mental toughness.”
• 23:02 – “People who are top performers spend time on themselves.”
• 28:05 – “The thing that limits resourcefulness is what we believe to be possible.”
• 50:58 – “Before you take action, examine your thinking, and make sure your thinking is lined up with your goals.”


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