Sell 100% of the Homes You List with Loida Velasquez

How do you deal with unrealistic homeowners? In this podcast, agent Loida Velasquez discusses how to deal with this. She also shares her pre-qualifying questions, her pre-listing package, a solid daily schedule, and her favorite script to ensure she sells 100% of the homes she lists.

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Jump to topics: Read the topics below and scroll the video to the time listed.

• 01:15 – Who is Loida Velasquez?
• 02:47 – How does Loida sell 100% of her listings?
• 04:30 – What can I do to make sure a home is priced correctly?
• 05:38 – What are some important pre-qualification questions?
• 09:20 – What has changed in Loida’s business since the pandemic?
• 13:08 – What should I say in a personalized video?
• 13:40 – What should I say to my sphere of influence?
• 15:10 – How can I have better conversations on cold calls?
• 16:40 – How have Loida’s scripts changed since the pandemic?
• 18:25 – How to find those who are motivated to sell vs. not
• 20:30 – What does Loida’s prospecting schedule look like?
• 24:50 – What about day’s when you don’t set appointments?
• 26:30 – Why is script practice and role play important?
• 28:52 – How many calls does Loida make in four hours?
• 30:50 – How long is Loida spending on the phone with each prospect?
• 31:20 – How can I make the most of a wrong number?
• 32:27 – How can I keep the conversation short, but still build rapport?
• 35:00 – How can I increase conversion rate as a new agent?
• 37:50 – What should I do when someone “ghosts” me?
• 40:28 – How can I keep track of all my leads and phone numbers?
• 41:48 – Where can I find opportunity in the next few months?


• 15:31 – “Ultimately, what will help you have a better conversation will be your tonality and delivery (so you don’t sound so scripted).”
• 42:29 – “You can get a head start now. Less people are making calls. When people answer the phone they are nicer. Even a simple statistic or market update is appreciated.”

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