Hacking Happiness for a Fulfilling Future with Mike Simonsen

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• 00:30 – Who is Michael Simonsen?
• 03:23 – What does “hacking happiness” mean?
06:55 – How do neurotransmitters affect how we do business?
10:45 – What happens when we’re purposeful with our internal neurotransmitters?
14:45 – How can I create joy for myself and others every day?
16:30 – How can I control my negative emotions?
19:30 – Can serotonin overpower my cortisol?
21:10 – What are some opportunities for agents in today’s market (during COVID)?
26:35 – What can I do if I’m successful, yet miserable?
32:53 – How can I use Altos Research in my business?
38:15 – How can I share important information with my prospects and clients?
41:41 – What are the benefits of using real time market data in my presentations?
44:15 – How can I make a positive impact on the people around me?


• 03:23 – “We can control our internal biology through four primary hormones/neurotransmitters (serotonin, oxytocin, dopamine, and cortisol). When we control those we can put ourselves into a “superpower state. It feels like stability, but it exposes us to opportunity.”
• 44:28 – “You can impact your opportunity in the world by expressing love out: ‘I love YOU!'”


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Hacking Happiness (Upcoming Book!)
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