Stability & Opportunity Podcast with Payton Fisher

Success Driving Activities to Get More Listings with Payton Fisher

If you aren’t perfect, you’re way better off. In this podcast, agent Payton Fisher uncovers the lessons he learned from his mistakes, what made him change his strategy, and what he’s doing to get more attention on him.

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Jump to topics: Read the topics below and scroll the video to the time listed.

• 00:48 – Who is Payton Fisher?
• 02:15 – How can community outreach help your business?
• 09:02 – What does it look like to use Facebook Live in your business?
• 16:20 – How can I convince a client that their house isn’t priced right?
• 21:14 – Why is humility important for success?
• 24:35 – Is social media marketing different for luxury homes?
• 26:03 – What’s different about Payton’s business since COVID?
• 31:09 – Who can I call to “check in on” as a potential business call? (Hint: call everyone!)
• 37:23 – What can I say to withdrawn and cancelled prospects?
• 39:44 – What is Payton’s daily contact goal?
• 45:14 – How can I keep calls short and effective with your SOI?
• 49:14 – What can I say to redirect phone calls to real estate?
• 51:19 – What do I do if I don’t know what to say?
• 54:15 – How can pain lead me to more money?
• 56:18 – Payton’s advice to you.


• 02:04 – “When you talk to mass amounts of people, you can get mass results.”
• 08:32 – “People see when you’re out doing things, and they recognize it. And they’re like, ‘Woah! That person is doing something!'”
• 30:14 – “Just by genuinely caring about people, people want to do business with you.”
• 37:07 – “Getting on the phone and literally talking to people… You’re going to sell real estate.”
• 53:57 – “I’m not doing anything special… I just picked up my phone, and I never stopped dialing!”

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Storm Dialer

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