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October 27, 2014: REDX All Star Interview

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11:00 am PT | 12:00 pm MT | 1:00 pm CT | 2:00 pm ET

Dan Ellison started as a full-time Realtor in November 2013. He has more than ten years of professional sales experience, including as a top producer at Cutco and Acer Medical. He did not hesitate to start producing when he moved to Real Estate. With a new born baby in the family, he was extremely motivated to chase the prestigious and ambitious goal of being a Rookie of the Year.

Join us on this exciting call with Dan Ellison a Rookie Agent who has already closed 30 transactions this year. It will be a tele-seminar you will not want to miss!

REDX Tele-seminars are like a one on one mastermind interview with agents who are in the trenches everyday. We interview top agents and ask them how they’re prospecting, where they spend their time, what’s their motivation, and what’s around the corner for the upcoming Spring selling season. If you join for the live call you can personally ask the REDX All Star guests your questions.

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Real Estate Data X-Change Inc. is pleased to present its monthly Tele-Seminars to any agent interested in learning the latest strategies and techniques on how to be successful in today’s markets with expired, FSBO, and distressed property real estate leads.