Use The Timestamps Below To Jump To The Most Exciting Parts Of The Webinar:

• 4:04 – If you want business, you have to do this
7:30 – The lifeline to a paycheck
9:00 – How to get motivated to get on the phone
12:45 – The winning artifact for prospecting agents
16:05 – The key to overcoming fear
18:30 – Successful time management and scheduling
19:20 – The formula to reach your goals
23:05 – The definition of a “contact”
23:22 – How to turn a wrong number into an appointment
26:17 – The power of just asking
30:44 – Do I really need to practice?
31:58 – HOW to practice effectively
34:26 – The reality of real estate
35:12 – Overcoming agents with lower commission
• 36:02 – The perfect response to, “What commission do you charge?”
37:31 – Dodging multiple objections in one call
40:39 – Necessary skills when prospecting
43:38 – What to expect when prospecting
44:41 – Mike’s advice on overcoming objections
46:02 – The difference between an objection and a condition
46:45 – Get free scripts
49:26 – Deal on Mike Ferry’s 2018 Superstar Retreat

Top 10 “Objection Busters” By Mike Ferry:
The key to dealing with objections is to have a motivated or semi-motivated person in a conversation. A common misconception is every objection can and should be overcome. The truth is not every expired lead or FSBO lead you prospect will be ready or willing to do business with you. Your scripts and objection handlers are designed to help find those who are ready, willing and able to work with you (and quickly move on from those who are not).

Objection: “How do I handle husbands who want to sell but the wife is saying no?”
Mike: You don’t. It’s a lack of motivation. Go to the next one.

Objection: “We have a family member that’s an agent, we will use them when we relist.”
Mike: You didn’t use them on the original listing, may I ask why? … Would you like to compare the list of services I offer to your family member? If they say no, next.

Objection: “You’re the 7th agent who’s called me.”
Mike: Do you have an interest in selling your home? … If they say no, next.

Objection: “We’d rather go with Purplebricks or Redfin where the commission is 1%”
Mike: Do you actually feel that the quality of service they offer at 1% is equal to the quality of services I offer at a higher commission rate? … Would you like to compare the services?

Objection: “I have a friend who’s a Realtor®.”
Mike: What you probably want to say is, “Who doesn’t have a friend who’s a Realtor®? But that would be upsetting … So the response should be, Would you like to move and if you do, would you like to compare what I do to your friend?

Objection: “How do I handle ‘I’m not interested’ on the phone or when door knocking?”
Mike: You don’t. You move on to the next one.

Objection: “How do I handle … ‘Are you just calling to get my listing?’”
Mike: Yes, are you planning on moving?

Objection: “We’ve decided to rent the home for a while.”
Mike: May I ask why you’re choosing to rent and where are you moving to, to see if I can help you with a relocation.

Objection: “How do I handle ‘We’re going to stay with our existing agent, we’re not sure you can do any better.’”
Mike: The way to find out if I can do better is to look at what I’m proposing to you in terms of getting your home sold. When should we get together?

Objection: “How do I handle when the by-owner says the inventory is low and they can sell it themselves?”
Mike: Ask them how long they’re willing to wait to make the sale and who’s going to handle the negotiations and contractual aspects for them and are they qualified to do it.



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