You can accomplish anything with hard work – or so they say.  You can succeed in your business, list more homes than you can handle, or master any skill… if you just work hard.

Although, simply working harder isn’t always enough.  No, you need the right resources, the right strategy, and the right goals.  You need to work smarter, not harder.

How though?

By studying top producers who are where you want to be, and doing exactly what they did to get there. Let’s take a look at their top seven prospecting ideas.

After conducting and analyzing over 5000 surveys and 100’s of hours of interviews with top producing agents, we discovered how they became so successful.  The research showed seven practices that differentiate top producers from average agents – seven prospecting ideas that you can implement today.  If followed, these simple steps will generate more listings and give you great success in real estate.

Step 1: Understand Your Numbers

You have two resources to invest in building your real estate business – time and money.  Agents who track their investments, like hours spent prospecting, how many calls they make, their number of listings, etc. know how to leverage their activities, efforts, and leads to gain the greatest return on investment.

Step 2: Increase Your Accountability

Setting and meeting goals is far more effective when you have to answer to someone else, like a coach.  It’s no surprise that 73% of top-producing agents have at least one full year of coaching.  

Step 3: Stick to a Rigid Prospecting Schedule

Prospecting gets results!  Agents who only prospect for a few hours every week generally have a pretty weak pipeline.  If you are serious about creating a reliable, sustainable business then keeping a rigid prospecting schedule is a must. Watch this video to learn more!

Step 4: Use Scripts When Talking to Potential Clients

Do scripts seem impersonal to you?  Like they make you sound robotic?  If so you’re not using them correctly and really need coaching!  Scripts help you keep the conversation focused on what is most important, like qualifying a lead, building rapport, and finding out how you can meet their needs. Click here to get free prospecting scripts

Step 5: Go After Multiple Lead Types

How many lead types do you go after?  Did you know that top-producing agents pursue 4-5 different lead types?  To use an old fishing adage, you’ll catch more fish when you have more lines in the water.  Maybe you only need to add one or two more lead types (Expireds, FSBOs, GeoLeadsFRBOs, or Preforeclosures) to see the results you’ve been working for.  

Step 6: Implement Multiple Prospecting Methods

When’s the last time you went door knocking to get new business?  Would it shock you to know that 58% of agents making more than $250K each year frequently prospect by knocking on doors?  Other effective ways of connecting with leads include phone calling and mail merges.

Step 7: Leverage Available Technology

The best ROI for your money could be in technological tools like lead services and dialers.  Invest more money in the top of your funnel to generate leads so you can spend more time in the bottom of your funnel selling more homes.  

The average REDX agent listed 32 homes last year.  Why? Because REDX agents invest in the best leads so they can make more connections with homeowners and spend more of their time in bottom of the funnel activities like going on appointments, getting contracts, and marketing listings.

Agents who make more than $250K are 94% more likely to use a dialer while prospecting – this is not just a coincidence. They wisely invest in a dialer because it enables them to connect with more homeowners in less time – more connections leads to more listing appointments which leads to more signed contracts. 

By analyzing habits of over 5000 agents, we’ve cracked the code on success in real estate – we know the little differences between what it takes to be an average agent or to be a $250,000+ agent.   

Now you can choose to be a $250,000 agent.

Duplicate their practices to duplicate their success!